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30-31 October, 2019 | Sydney ICC

APAC DevCon '19
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US DevCon wrapped a few weeks back and wow, there were some pretty huge announcements! Front and center among these huge announcements was Claris Connect  - our recent acquisition of technology that will empower problems solvers to build high-value business process workflow orchestration and automation solutions spanning multiple cloud services and on-prem data sources.  We're pleased to announce that there will be a dedicated session covering Claris Connect.

Please register now and join the Claris team and your peers at the beautiful ICC Sydney facility.

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The cost for APAC DevCon '19 is $199 AUD.  Admission includes 2 full days of sessions coupled with morning/afternoon tea and catered lunch.

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Speakers and Sessions

Speaker Session


Albert's clients at SmallCo [ ] include big and small companies around the world, including: Harvard University, Cork University, Ivoclar Vivadent, Radio 7, Tupperware, Armstrong Ceilings, BNP Paribas Investment Bank, Fidelity Investments, The New York Public Library & SFMOMA. Albert's DESIGN has been offered in dozens of cities on four continents over 19 years. Albert and his family built their own home, a house with an electricity bill that is below zero and a site whose landscape is a giant carbon sequestration project. His home follows many of the same design principles as his software.

One Weird Little Trick Allowed Me To Throw Away The Design Rule Book

Albert will be sharing this One Little Trick at design sessions around the world in the coming months. While Albert is supernaturally confident in His Truth, he has been wrong two or three times in his life. He would appreciate your close attention to detail during the World Premiere of this talk.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew has been developing with the FileMaker Platform since 1992 - back when it was still under the Claris umbrella! Andrew's company Databuzz specialises in FileMaker integration with platforms such as Shopify, DocuSign, Twilio, MYOB and Xero. Andrew has previously spoken at the FileMaker Developer Conference in the US and was a speaker at WordCamp Sydney and WordCamp Brisbane in 2019. Andrew organises an informal gathering of FileMaker Developers in Sydney and attends more Accounting conferences than is considered healthy.

The ABC of Webhooks

Have you heard about Webhooks but have no idea how they can be used with your FileMaker deployment? In this session I'll explain what a Webhook is and how they work. We'll walk through how you can incorporate Webhooks into your FileMaker custom business apps using the available FileMaker Server APIs including the FileMaker Data API. I'll demonstrate live some examples of using Webhooks to automatically receive SMS messages and eCommerce orders into FileMaker - no downloading required!

Brad Freitag

Brad is the President and CEO of Claris

Claris - State Of The Business

Brad will kick off 2019 APAC DevCon with an update of the Claris Business.

Cath Kirkland

Microbiologist by Trade, FileMaker Developer by Choice. Certified by Force.

Design - Fake It 'Til You Make it

Graphic design for the non-designers. Google, Apple and other large companies have invested hugely in design. Let's see how we can leverage that to improve our FileMaker Solutions.

Champ Mendis

Champ Mendis is an Adjunct Lecturer at Charles Sturt University and an ICT Consultant. He works as the Chief Data Scientist for Triple A Super. He has more than seven years of experience working in FileMaker handling more than 120 applications across 40 servers. He specialises in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and Information Security and Computer Information Systems.

Champ holds a PhD in Computing and Information Systems from University of Melbourne.

Low Cost BI Architecture And The Role Of FileMaker

Traditional BI solution architectures are very expensive, have rigid architecture and have high cost of ownership. In this session we will look at FileMaker as a very economical Workplace Innovation Platform that serves as an excellent alternative for predictive analytics and desktop automation. Here we will introduce how FileMaker transformed an ICT environment with many silos into an affordable BI oriented ICT architecture. We will demonstrate how FileMaker can be used as a tool for implementing simple multi-agent systems or as the cornerstone for a Blockchain based architecture.

Cris Ippolite

Cris Ippolite is a three-time FileMaker Excellence Award winning professional trainer and the founder of Platinum FBA, iSolutions. Cris is a FileMaker Certified Developer in all versions. Cris has also served on the FBA Partner Council, and continues to be an advisor to Claris. He has been a regular speaker at several technology conferences, including the US FileMaker Developer Conference, where he has been a speaker over 40 times.

Claris Connect

The future of workflow orchestration is coming to our community in the form of Claris Connect. This session will provide a preview of Claris Connect with examples of how to orchestrate connections from FileMaker to various other APIs. You will be introduced to Projects, Flows and Actions and everything you'll need to know to make the most of Claris Connect when it ships.

James Currie

James is a senior software engineer at Digital Fusion Ltd, with 7 years of FileMaker experience. In addition to being a Certified FileMaker Developer, James is also certified in iOS deployment via the Apple Consultant Network (ACN). James is an avid runner and gym goer.

Deploying Custom Apps Using The iOS App SDK

Take your custom FileMaker Go app to the next level by turning it into a standalone iOS app using the FileMaker iOS App SDK. Provide additional convenience for your users by leveraging iOS native technologies for distribution (App Store / B2B, MDM and Adhoc). Your clients will love having the ability to brand the app as their own. The iOS App SDK takes the FIleMaker platform to the next level of being a proper app development platform.

Katherine Russell

Katherine Russell is a FileMaker Certified Developer specializing in initial project design, complete production, and adaptation of existing systems to new business goals. She also focuses on hardware, networking and integration issues related to FileMaker. Katherine has been working with FileMaker since 1993 and has been a senior consultant at NightWing Enterprises in Melbourne since 2008.

Dynamic Websites With The FileMaker Data API

Online stores. Blog posts. Holiday home reservations... All can interact in real time with a hosted FileMaker app via the FileMaker Data API. This session will cover the key components to seamlessly integrate a hosted FileMaker app into a website, including the basic elements of the code required to successfully call the FileMaker Data API, techniques for parsing the response in order to incorporate it into the web page (i.e. display it correctly) and tips for setting up FileMaker Server and a FileMaker app for secure, fast performance.

Kent Lendrum

Kent is the founder of Kamar, the company that created and maintains New Zealand's leading School Management System. Kent has been using FileMaker since FileMaker 3. KAMAR currently have a team of 5 developers working on KAMARs products which are used by 400+ schools throughout New Zealand. When Kent is not developing in FileMaker - he's out for a bike ride, enjoying a game of tennis or relaxing with a good novel.

Mixing FileMaker With Version Control

FileMaker provides a DDR report as either XML or HTML, which can be used to get a snapshot of your FileMaker Solution. With FileMaker 18, there is a new 'Save a Copy as XML' which provides even more information.
Mix these with a parser and svn / version control provides you with both a way to search your entire solution plus also track changes made over time.

Luke Rochester

Luke is a Management Consultant with qualifications in engineering, psychology, relational and multidimensional databases. Luke uses FileMaker to create artificially intelligent apps and dashboards for small business owners, CEOs and directors of Fortune 500 companies. Luke is a regular speaker at the US DevCon.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is expected to have a greater impact on the global economy by 2030 than both India and China combined (ref: Pointing Artificial Intelligence at your internal company data that lives in FileMaker is a big deal. Come to this session to get tips, tricks and some solid hands-on technical advice from a developer who has already implemented Artificial Intelligence using FileMaker.

Lyndsay Howarth

Lyndsay has been using, developing in, teaching and innovating with FileMaker since it was first released on the Mac in the late '80s. Since 1993 she has specialised in CWP. Lyndsay's company, 11th Hour Group Pty Ltd was established in August 2000 and has operated in Lennox Head since. Lyndsay has built solutions for art galleries, environmentalists, mortgage and finance associations, agriculture and export, the taxi industry and many more.

CWP In Business - Journey Of A Problem Solver

Using FileMaker, Web Direct and Custom Web Publishing (CWP) examples, this session will take a light hearted historical view of the FileMaker product over the years following the thread of integration... with an early insight into Claris Connect's potential.

Malcolm Fitzgerald

Malcom has been working with FileMaker since 1995. Malcom's first contact with the FileMaker was FileMaker 2. It was a proto-WordPress that allowed an office of four people with zero web knowledge to publish and maintain a web site. Malcom uses the FileMaker platform to generate a UI for anything that has more than one moving part. Malcom loves working with FileMaker because flexibility and ease of use.

Code Faster And Get Smarter With Low Data/No Data tables

This session will present a data model that will improve performance for FileMaker Go and WebDirect apps by minimising data transfer. Malcolm will demonstrate a lightweight design pattern capable of handling complex problems that is suitable for the worst network conditions, and how this model can be retrofitted to any FileMaker solution.

Nick Orr
Craig Saunders
Kent Lendrum
Malcolm McLeary

Nick Orr - Founder of Platinum FBA Goya
Craig Saunders - Founder of Platinum FBA Digital Fusion
Kent Lendrum - Founder of Platinum FBA KAMAR
Malcolm McLeary - Founder of FBA member Information Alchemy

Is Your Solution Secure? A Fire Side Chat.

Let's talk about our insecurities… especially those we don't even know about. This wide ranging chat will talk about what to look out for, what not to do and a debate on adding Multi-factor Authentication.

Ray Cologon

Ray has been working with FileMaker for so long he can barely remember, seems to recall having written a few books on the subject, and generally thinks it's a fun topic to share with the creative assortment of nerds and geeks who make up the wonderful FileMaker ecosystem.

Take A Walk On The "While" Side

Several of the unsung and perhaps "sleeper" features of the FileMaker 18 platform relate to quietly introduced additions to the toolkit we can use to manage recursion - calculations that will perform one or more operations repetitively until a predefined outcome is achieved.

Most notable is the new While( ) calculation function, which brings recursion capabilities out from the smoky shadows of custom function incantations and into the mainstream of the calculation repertoire. While that, on its own, would be a ground-breaking step, the simultaneous addition of the SetRecursion( ) function to allow full control over stack depth limits does much to enrich the feature set.

Why should you care? What do these changes mean? What can you now do that you couldn't before? All these questions and more will be answered in bite-size chunks in this remarkably brief overview of the subject.

Rob Russell

Rob was a registered surveyor, turned programmer, turned FileMaker developer. He has been using FileMaker since 1987, professionally since '92. After abandoning his homeland of Australia for the land of the Long White Cloud, Rob has been involved with the FileMaker community as an independent FileMaker consultant to businesses, to education and to other FileMaker developers.

Modernising To Survive

You've made it. Your great FileMaker solution is doing well and ticking over just nicely. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, rather a lot. Long time FileMaker developer Rob Russell will share some learnings, decisions and experience on bringing a long-term indie vertical market product kicking and screaming into present day. Rob will also demonstrate how these techniques were applied to other commercial solutions.

Special Surprise Guest

iOS UI/UX Best Design Practices From A Native App Expert

What do the Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) really mean? How does HIG apply to the FileMaker world? When should we and how do we step outside of FileMaker and use the data API to connect to say… an Apple TV app!

Stuart Woodhouse

Stuart is fairly unique in the FileMaker Community in this part of the world in that Stuart is a full time client manager who has little to no technical FileMaker ability.
However, Stuart has tremendous insider knowledge into what it takes to sell solutions to clients. Stuart has a passion for working with clients to ensure success. Stuart is happiest when he's onsite at a customer discussing how the FileMaker Platform has changed clients' workplaces and lives.

Working The Pipeline

Every developer has a “pipeline" of potential clients: how these are managed and brought to fruition is paramount to having a steady stream of work. In this session we're going to talk about identifying where quality leads come from, a 5 point checklist, staying on the radar of your clients, what to do when the flood gates open, and what to do when they don't.

Salvatore Colangelo

Salvatore is a database and integration specialist at Goya, Australia. His love and knowledge of the FileMaker platform have been shaped by working with incredible mentors, that are among the most recognised names in the FileMaker Community. Salvatore is a frequent speaker at US DevCon and FileMaker events around the world.

Chatbots And Data In FileMaker: Query Your Solution With Natural Language

In this session Salvatore will create a bot that can understand questions in plain English and return data from a FileMaker solution.

You'll learn:
- how to train a chatbot
- how requests are interpreted and sent to FileMaker
- how we can integrate this logic in an application like Slack
- how this affects real world projects

We hope to see you at APAC DevCon '19 in Sydney!

The Claris Team